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It’s a Magic Party | Learn magic tricks for kids

This has got to be one of my favorite parties we’ve ever hosted. There is something so magical about.. well.. magic! I’ll be sharing the actual party tomorrow, but today we are talking about prep work. While most parties have plenty of prep, a magic party has a little extra – magic tricks for kids!

And, to start, you have to use these adorable Poof! Postcard Party Invitations from Minted! They set a great stage for our party.

I also picked up some novelty magic tricks, such as, this Ball and Vase Trick and Crazy Cube. Both of these were easy to do. And, I bought enough of the tricks to teach the kids and pass out later as party favors (bonus!)

While I was very lucky enough to have a brother come and present a magic show, I wanted to also make this easy enough that anyone could host their own party and present a magic show. So, along with the help of my brother, I’ve compiled 4 fairly easy magic tricks to teach you.

How to Cut A Banana In Half

You will need: Banana, needle, thread

Prep work – 1. Thread your needle and thread. 2. Poke the needle through one side of the banana and out the other. Try to stay in the banana’s natural lines, and if your banana is browning a little, that works better since the holes will start to brown. 3. Put the needle back into the hole you just came out of. Push the needle through to the other side. 4. Work your way around the banana with the needle and thread. Always be sure to put your needle back into the hole you just came out of. 5. In the end you should have thread completely wrapped around your banana. 6. Pull on both end of the string to cut the banana. 7. Pull out the string.

Magic trick – 1. Take the banana and tell the kids that you will magically cut the banana in half. 2. Wave your wand over the banana. 3. Peel the banana to expose the cut banana!

How to Freeze Water

You will need: Ice cube, sponge, solid color cup, 2 Tbs of water in small cup

Prep work – Cut the sponge to fit in the bottom of your cup. Place the ice cube on top of the sponge.

Magic trick – Tell the kids that you have “Frozen” magic and that you can magically freeze water. Dump the water into the cup. Chat a little about the movie frozen – this gives time for your sponge to soak up the water. Wave your magic wand and Abracadabra – Dump out the ice cube.

How to Make A Coin Disappear

You will need: glass cup, paper, coin, cloth

Prep work – Cut a circle out of a piece of paper and glue to the bottom of your glass cup. Set up your magic trick with a piece of paper on the bottom, coin on one side and glass on the other.

Magic trick – Tell the kid you will magically make the coin disappear under the glass. Place your cloth over the coin and glass. Hocus Pocus! Move the glass over the coin. Take off the cloth and the coin will have magically disappeared!

How to Find the Hidden Card

You will need: a deck of cards

This one is the most difficult, so practice beforehand.

Prep work – look at the bottom of your deck and memorize the card.

Magic trick – have your audience pick a card, any card. Make sure you don’t see. Have them place it on the bottom of the deck. Cut the deck multiple times to “shuffle” the cards around. Invite a kid to help you cut the deck once. Go through the deck and tell the kids you are looking for your friends – the 2 red jacks – they are going to help you find the card. While you are looking for the two jacks, also (quietly) find the card that was on the bottom to start (ours was the queen of hearts). Right in front of the bottom card should be the card the kid’s picked (ours was the 6 of diamonds). Now cut the deck one more time – right at the spot of the kid’s card, placing the card on the bottom of the deck. Place the 2 red jacks on either side of the deck, both facing out. The next picture shows the back of the cards, you will have the kid’s card facing you. Hold the kid’s card with your thumb. Quickly shuffle all the cards, except for the 2 jacks and the kid’s card, into your left hand. In your right hand, flip the cards around the reveal the kid’s card.

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