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Where it all began..

Since I decided to start leaving more of a personal note on Fridays, I figured I better jot down a little bit about how this blog all came about. When it all started, I had never even planned on creating a blog that would be anything other than a promotion tool for my shop.
Oh, wait, you didn’t know I ever owned a shop? Surprise, surprise.

So, back it up. It was late 2011 and I was pregnant with my 2nd. And, instead of nesting, my crazy hormones told me that all I wanted to do was to start a business. Part of the lack of nesting yearning came from the fact that we were broke, and only had a tiny 2 bedroom apartment to decorate – aka. no nesting ability. And, my husband was in his 3rd year of medical school, which meant we didn’t see him much between classes, clinic shifts, and studying.
Well, without the help of a husband to persuade me otherwise, I opened up my little party shop in January of 2012. And, at the same time, started my blog. I thought that if I blogged well, that it would turn into revenue from my shop – because that is what I would be promoting on my blog.
And, for a few months it was all going well. The shop actually was doing very well for how little I promoted it. But, as the time was passing, I found myself spending more and more time enjoying creating posts for my blog, and neglecting promoting my shop. So, I just let my poor little shop suffer while I partied on the blog. And, in June of 2013, we moved and I closed up my shop for good.
Here I am, a few years later, with my lovely little blog to show for it. While I believed that I was a fabulous shop owner in the making (and, maybe someday I will be) I am very content with creating inspiration in my own little corner of the internet. You did know my blog was all about parties and home entertaining – how couldn’t I love that? I, also, love learning new tricks and developing talents. One of those talents that I have enjoyed is product styling, photography, and videography. I have had so many opportunities over the past few years to practice, practice, practice, that I’ve actually become quite good at it, and have just recently been able to start booking clients (beyond my blog) for photo styling.
So, there it is – a brief history of one lonely soul, wandering from shop owner to photo stylist. All with an adventuring spirit and a wanderlust for what will happen next!

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