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Average Water Consumption of a Washing Machine

Average Water Consumption of a Washing Machine

In order to reduce the cost of paying utility bills, it is necessary to think carefully about the choice and use of water-consuming equipment.

First of all, it refers to a washing machine. This device can be found today in every apartment.

Washing and rinsing may result in considerable expense of water. So it is quite natural that the users want to save not only when purchasing home appliances, but also later in the period of its use.

Therefore, they carefully study the characteristics of HE washers. The technical specifications indicate the standard water intake for different modes. Thanks to this data, you can choose the most water-saving machine. This characteristic may greatly bring down your water costs.

What is an average water intake for machines with top-loading feature?

The manufacturers usually indicate rough water need for one cycle. This data is obtained as a result of testing the model with a standard washing at 60 degrees with a fully loaded drum.

Yes, most washing devices that can hold 5 kg of linen use 12 to 16 gallons of liquid per standard cycle. These volumes include washing and final rinsing. This water amount is considered to be optimal, making about 25% of the daily water consumption by a standard family.

A washing device with a top-loading feature needs more water than front-loaders. Normally it needs almost 40 gallons of water for a single cycle.

How many gallons of water does a Maytag washing machine require?

All equipment manufacturers update their products regularly. Every year the market offers more attractive models with energy and water-saving features.
If you compare several models of washers from different brands, you will find that these indicators are all different.

Though, the average can still be calculated. Specialists studied several dozens of different models and came to a general conclusion.

The minimum volume of water consumed for 1 wash is 10 gallons, and the maximum volume is about 22 gallons. Maytag models of washers have different water consumption levels. Older models will use approximately 26 gallons of water to manage an ordinary load of laundry. Most of the washers will need between 12 -17 gallons. And the latest HE washer will clean clothes with only 7 gallons of water.

How can I make my washer more economical?

Correct use of your household appliances will help you save water. When exploiting the washer, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for loading. Another important rule is to properly select a program depending on the contamination and type of fabric. Roughly, 1 kg of linen needs 2-3 gallons of water.
When buying and using a washing assistant, note the following:

  • choose an ergonomic model that sensibly consumes water and electricity;
  • to refresh everyday clothes, choose express wash cycles as they consume the lowest amount of water;
  • some models have a half load function. Choosing it when washing, you can seriously decrease the water cost;

Manufacturers began to equip their new models with an automatic laundry weighing feature. It allows the machine to automatically calculate the volume of liquid required for washing and rinsing.
If you have a meter installed on the water supply, you can experiment and find out how much water the washer uses.

To do this, record parameters when starting and finishing various programs. This research will help you identify water consumption in fast and standard washing cycles. You will also be able to calculate the actual water quantity used by the washer and compare the figures obtained with the data given in the passport. This method will also help you diagnose problems with the intake valve breakdown.

What water amount does a modern machine need?

For the proper functioning of the washer, sufficient water quantity is required. It is because the wash program involves not only cleaning but also several rinsing cycles. Each part of the cycle consumes a certain amount of liquid. Though, very often the machine overuses water.

In such cases, the performance result is not improved, and the family budget is suffering. What influences the amount of water consumed and how to determine the cost?

The following factors affect water consumption:

  • The drum capacity. The larger drums will need more water.
  • Washer model. Many manufacturers tend to make their products economical. It refers not only to energy costs but also to water expense.
  • Wash cycle. Washers have a wide range of programs. Some use minimum water and others, on the contrary, are very water-consuming.
  • Washing frequency. If you wash your clothes too often without filling the drum entirely, the water bills will be sky-high. It is suggested to accumulate soiled clothes and switch on the machine when you have enough for a full load.

Normally a modern washer will need from 10 to 20 gallons of water. If you have noticed that this figure is higher, then it can be performance malfunction.

To bring down water expense, you may experiment with the following:

  • wash less frequently, but with a higher tank load;
  • choose the appropriate program for washing. It depends on the degree of pollution and the composition of things;
  • use the appropriate model of the washing assistant.

If the water consumption has noticeably increased, ask the specialist to check the washer for damages.

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