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Bowflex 7 Series treadmill

They say the treadmill heavy loads can cause deterioration of the heart muscle and destruction of the joints. Can such claims be true?

The heart can and should be trained with the help of physical exercises. The 12 minute running load with a pulse of at least 120 beats/min brings the maximum benefit. Moderate loads on the treadmill will not do any harm to the heart muscle.

You will feel the benefits of regular exercise very quickly: shortness of breath will disappear, muscles will strengthen. Also take into account that a running training increases endorphin release, thus, fights depression. Workouts on a treadmill will make you more toned: walking and running will improve the whole body. With each exercise, the muscles will become stronger, and the heart will begin to pump more blood enriched with oxygen.

The market offers a huge variety of treadmills. I would like to focus on the Bowflex 7 Series treadmill today. Nautilus Inc. produces fitness equipment under the brand name Bowflex. The first machines were released in 1986. Since that time, Bowflex strengthened its position in the fitness market. High-quality materials, excellent wear resistance, the ability to quickly change weights and other features distinguish the Bowflex product from its competitors.

What are the advantages of the Bowflex 7 Series treadmill?

  • Overall workout. It activates all major muscle groups of the legs and pelvis. It supports the body on the whole.
  • Fast weight loss. Running or walking on a treadmill contributes to the maximum burning of calories with minimal effort, that is, you can see the results after a short period of time.
  • Informativeness. It gives objective data on the results of training: time and distance, speed, burned calories and heartbeat rate.
  • Motion identity. Running on a treadmill and outdoors is practically identical. Running motor skills and the work of the main muscles are the same (it does not matter if we are moving on the surface or the surface is moving below us). With a treadmill running is carried out at a constant pace.
  • Cushioning and running belt. The treadmill is well amortized and helps to reduce the load on the knees, ligaments, and spine. Manufacturers claim that, according to their research, some treadmill models can absorb up to 40% of the shock load.
  • Program variability. The treadmill has the main training programs embedded and you only need to choose the appropriate one and follow the instructions. You can also adjust the running speed and the incline manually according to your individual needs.
  • Climate. The treadmill completely eliminates the dependence on the weather and time of year. You can run when you want, and not when the weather allows.

Картинки по запросу "bowflex series 7 treadmill""General characteristics:

  • Type: electric
  • Design: folding
  • Sizes of a running belt: 20 x 60 inches

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 3 HP
  • Running belt speed: 11 mph
  • Heart rate measurement option.

The main features of the Bowflex 7 Series treadmill

  • The pulse rate monitor. The user can monitor the heartbeat before and after the training. You will also see the heart rate on the screed during exercising. It is very important for people who use the simulator for rehabilitation purposes. Pulse sensors can be found on the front bars and on the handrails. To check the parameter more accurately you can use a wireless chest strap. The strap should contact directly with the bare skin.
  • 16 modes of workout. The Bowflex 7 treadmill comes with 16 programs. You can choose the one which suits you best. You may opt for a manual mode where you select your workout time, incline, and speed. Or use may use ready programs such as cardio, running, weight loss, fitness test speed, calorie goal, a 5K run and more. The selection is really wide.
  • Cooling effect. Three fans will help refresh during exercising.
  • Odometer. This feature will record the covered distance. You can also set goals with its help. For example, you want to cover 100 miles. You can program the treadmill for this distance. The odometer will also inform you how many miles you traveled during each workout.
  • Powerful motor. The powerful 3.0 HP motor can move the large belt up to 11 mph which allows you to go right up to a sprint and still feel safe running on it. The machine is good for the users up to 300 lbs.
  • Large and cushioned deck. The treadmill deck is good even for tall users allowing a comfortable stride.


So, knowing the features of running on a treadmill, you can use them to optimize training, depending on your goals. If there are no training or rehabilitation tasks, it is best to bring running as close as possible to natural conditions. In general, it is recommended using pre-installed training programs, changing them during the workout. Or you can use the free mode, but it is not always convenient to constantly press the buttons.
It does not matter whether you buy this simulator for rehabilitation or weight loss, or maybe you like preset programs, you will be pleased with the purchase. The Bowflex 7 series treadmill is good for a wide range of users, everyone will be able to adjust it to personal preferences. The simulator has an excellent user manual. The only minus I can find in this model is the absence of some advanced extras like a USB port and speaker system.

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