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Horizon Fitness CST 4.5 Treadmill

Here everyone can find a treadmill to their liking. The simulators of this company are perfect for daily home workouts. They are not very bulky and moderately noiseless.

The Horizon Fitness treadmills are designed to meet the most popular customer demands, from a relaxed walk to an intense workout. They are powerful, durable, compact, and intuitive to use.

Thanks to their high-quality components and innovative technologies, they provide the best motivation for training regardless of your goals and capabilities. Machines for home exercising should be compact and mobile. People often avoid buying a simulator because of a lack of space. But the manufacturer took this moment into account and developed the treadmills of a compact size and with a folding design.

Why are Horizon treadmills worth attention?

An extensive line of treadmills offers a wide selection of pricing and features. But regardless of this, all the sports machines of the company are made taking into account the latest developments in the sports equipment industry and innovative solutions for high-quality and comfortable training.

The main differences between Horizon Fitness treadmills may relate to optional features, engine power affecting speed, the number of built-in programs and the integration of the simulator with all kinds of mobile devices or gadgets. Much attention is paid to the safety of training and the minimizing of a traumatic load on the bone and cardiovascular system. Additional options and built-in software will help the user to avoid unwanted overstrain. The unique shock absorption technology will reduce the shock load on the ankles, knee joints, and spine. Besides, each individual user involved in the Horizon Fitness treadmill will be able to record and analyze the entire workout, which gives an excellent opportunity to monitor the progress of your physical fitness, adjust your classes and achieve new successes.
In order to evaluate the advantages of these treadmills, let’s review the model Horizon Fitness SCT 4.5 in more detail.

The general benefits of the treadmill are as follows:

Quick and fast assembly. You will be able to put the machine together by yourself spending 30 minutes for the most.
Ergonomic design. All the treadmills of this produced have FeatherLight feature which means the frame can easily fold to a compact size. It is an important space-saving function for a small apartment. You can store it in a vertical position.
Noiseless performance. The machine is quiet, it will not interfere with your family life and will not disturb the neighbors. You may even watch TV programs or listen to music while exercising.
Three suspension zones. The running surface comes with different cushioning zones. The feature resembles the running shoe impact on your feet. The exercising is comfortable and makes it possible to prolong the workouts.
Incline ability. The deck adjustment will help you to bring home running as close as possible to the outdoor training. Plus, even the slightest incline level will increase workout efficiency. The calorie-burning process will considerably speed up.

Technical characteristics:

Engine power: 2.25 hp
Running deck: 20” x 55”
Incline level: 1- 12%
Maximum user weight: 300 lbs
Training modes: 6 auto and 2 user programs

How does this model work?

This treadmill model has all the necessary functions a user may need for effective workouts at home. If you tried other treadmills and found them very rigid, you will not find the slightest hint to this issue using Horizon Fitness CST 4.5. This machine is very reliable, it feels comfortable and soft even if you run at maximum speed. You will be safe and confident. And 2.0 hp motor will provide flawless performance without intruding noise.

The deck length of this treadmill deserves special attention. Nowadays many treadmills are made for people with extra weight allowing up to 300-pound load. But not many can be proud of a long deck. And usually tall people find difficulty choosing an appropriate length deck. Horizon treadmill is perfect for a longer stride. It is 55” and suits all heights properly. Moreover, a special cushioning will protect the user’s back, knees, and joints from excessive loads.

Another brilliant feature is the possibility to program your exercising. Why is it necessary? Because general training is good. But if you have an opportunity to focus additionally on your personal issues, it will be even more exciting. With installed programs, you are able to either fight with your extra weight or concentrate just on the cardio workout. It is very convenient not only to exercise but to keep to some certain goal which you set for yourself. Or you may dictate yourself. The treadmill has 2 user programs where you can adjust all workout parameters to your individual requirements. You may try a new challenge every day.

Display. This characteristic is a must-have for sporting equipment. You need to know your progress to analyze and adjust your workouts. It is important to monitor speed, calories, distance. The training is much more pleasant when you have a goal and see a result. It is stimulating and engaging in this case.

A very crucial feature is pulse rate measurement. It is especially important for people with cardiovascular diseases. They need to monitor their heartbeat and avoid excessive loads. So, this function is vital for those who use the simulator for rehabilitation purposes. Even for a healthy person pulse parameter is meaningful. You can analyze it and doze the workout intensity accordingly. You should always remember that an incorrect approach to the training may be harmful to your health.


Horizon Fitness SCT 4.5 treadmill is definitely worth your attention. It is a powerful instrument to improve your health and stay toned and fit. Its features are covering all basic needs for home training. It is affordable, practical, easy-to-operate, durable. The machine performance is very efficient. It has main fit programs for all workout directions.

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