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How Long Does a Dishwasher Last?

Nowadays, dishwashers became an indispensable type of household appliances in any home. These machines are of the same importance and necessity as a cooker, fridge, and microwave.

Choosing household appliances, customers try to purchase reliable machines that will operate flawlessly for a long time. Dishwashers are not an exception. The customers tend to select reliable brands responsible for the quality of goods. Many people are interested in the average life of a dishwasher, and if it is possible to prolong its durability.

The dishwasher service life mainly depends on its owner.
The manufacturer of the equipment does not indicate the service term of it. This time parameter directly depends on following the operating rules and proper care. It is very important to distinguish between warranty and service life. The guarantee determines the time period during which the manufacturer ensures that the dishwasher meets the specific quality requirements. If a failure is a result of the producer’s fault, then the warranty will cover the repair cost or refund the purchase entirely.

The term of operation is the total time of use of the dishwasher, during which it is able to fully perform its functions. Some global brands produce equipment that can last up to 20 years.
But you should remember, that the dishwasher durability is entirely in your hands. Be sure to take care of the dishwasher, purchase special detergents, follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the maximum load and choosing a cleaning program.

Is it worth fixing a dishwasher?

If the equipment has served you for more than 5 years, its warranty expired long ago. It means that the main reason for malfunction may be banal wear of spare parts.
Before calling the specialists, do the following operations:

  • check the connection of the device to the mains (try to connect another appliance to the same outlet to make sure it is working);
  • make sure that the door lock of the dishwasher is in a good working state and the door is closed tightly;
  • check the water supply (you may have accidentally forgotten to turn on the tap);
  • inspect the dishwasher and make sure it does not leak (hoses or gaskets may be damaged).

If all these activities do not change the situation, contact the service center. Do not try to repair the dishwasher yourself as you can make it even worse.

How do you know when your dishwasher needs to be replaced?

A dishwasher is not such a complicated technique as it seems at first glance. Most failures are caused by simple reasons. To eliminate them, you do not need high qualifications or special knowledge. If the equipment is no longer under warranty, you can try to repair it yourself. In most cases, the repair methods are the same for various models. Only the disassembly process, mounting, etc. may somewhat vary. But the basic troubleshooting hints are the same.

But if you have followed all instructions given in the manual, and still fail to fix the dishwasher, then it is time to contact the service center. The specialists will be able to define the actual reason for the breakdown. They will calculate the cost of repair work and spare parts if needed. And then it is up to you to decide how to proceed.

If it is not the first time your machine fails, then it would be reasonable to think about buying a new dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is already worn out due to its age, the cost for constant repairs may accumulate to a serious sum. Again, it may be the right time for dishwasher replacement.
Even the new dishwasher can go wrong. And you need to estimate the cost of the repair. Some spare parts are very expensive. Moreover, repair sometimes is not so successful, especially, if it comes to engine or electronics. If the repair is going to cost you a decent sum, then consider purchasing a new dishwasher. It may be a more advantageous decision.

Do dishwashers wear out?

Constant care of the dishwasher can extend its life. If you want the dishwasher to last long, then follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Here’s what you can do to make your dishwasher run longer:

  • Remove food remains from the dishes before loading them into the machine. You do not need to wash the dishes carefully. Simply throw the waste into the bin. Use a cloth or brush. It will simplify the machine’s task.
  • Do not overload the machine. It is better to wash a few plates yourself than to get all the dishes a little dirty. This is exactly what can happen if you put too many items in baskets and trays. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Get used to the full download. Wait until you have enough items to fill all the baskets and trays. This will help to maximize the use of electricity, water, and detergents.
  • Use the appropriate wash cycle. You may be tempted to use a shorter wash cycle to save time and reduce water consumption. But in this case, it is necessary to pre-wash the dishes by hand. Otherwise, the machine simply does not have time to cope with all the dirt properly.
  • Skip the pre-wash step. Many modern machines have this function. But you can also rinse the plates yourself. It will take some time but in return, you will get significant savings.
  • Avoid using drying feature. You can easily get it out of the car and wipe it with a towel or leave it in the air. It will take more time. But the heating element of the machine will wear out more slowly. And electricity costs will be reduced.

Carefully select detergents for dishwashers.

Correct installation is of the same importance as proper maintenance and operation. With the heavy vibration, the machine wears out faster. Therefore, place the machine on a flat surface and fix it well.

And a general tip is to read the instructions carefully. Often, we forget about it, and as a result, we do not use the dishwasher correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s tips to understand how the dishwasher works and how it should be used. You can always find the manual on the Internet.

How do I know if my dishwasher is working properly?

First of all, you should understand that a dishwasher is a complex mechanism. Its operation depends on the state of the main components. If one component gets broken, then the entire system is at risk.

Therefore, when buying a dishwasher, it is necessary to pay attention to such important points as:

  • Cord condition;
  • Proper door closing function;
  • Absence of mechanical damages.

The dishwashers will work only with the door closed. And if there are problems with this unit, the machine will not start.

How to check the dishwasher? Often the diagnosis is performed by the system itself. In case of an issue, an error code is displayed on the screen. With the help of the manual, you will be able to understand the nature of the error. And it is important to react to it correctly.

In the user manual, you can find the meaning of the error codes for your dishwasher model. A verification algorithm is built into the software module. As soon as a technical failure occurs, the module identifies the problem and displays icons on the screen. So the machine tells you where to look for the problem.

A dishwasher is a very expensive purchase. But each manufacturer tries to take into account the financial capabilities of most buyers and make sure that the use of equipment helps to save. Modern dishwashers are being improved, and modern models come with new programs.

Today you can find models with the function of saving water, electricity, detergents, which are not cheap.

However, improper placement, connection, and operation threaten to eliminate all the efforts of the manufacturer. Therefore, you should not only read the instructions but also clearly follow them.

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