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How to Clean a Washing Machine with Vinegar?

However, this hardworking assistant periodically needs to be cleaned from scale and bad odor. To get rid of them, experts recommend the use of advertised chemical cleaners. But we would like to draw your attention to things that are easy to find at home. And white vinegar is an indispensable helper in this matter for decades. It is an effective, natural, and affordable substance.

How do you clean a washer with white vinegar?

The procedure is very easy:

  • Remove all things from the laundry, the drum must be empty.
  • Pour 200-250ml of 9% vinegar into the powder cells.
  • Then choose one of the longest programs of washing. Its temperature should be 90-95 degrees.
  • After 20-25 minutes, you must pause the washing program by pressing the Pause / Stop button. Let the machine remain in the pause mode for about 1-1,5 hours.
  • After this time, press the Start button to finish the started washing cycle.
  • When the wash cycle is over, it is necessary to clean the drain filter from the accumulated scale.
  • You should also clean the drum, the rubber seal, and of course, the glass door with vinegar (50 ml of vinegar per 1 liter of water).
  • For final cleaning, switch on the shortest washing cycle, but with the necessary intensive rinsing. Please note that you will not need any additional cleaners.

If you have 70% vinegar, it can easily be dissolved to 9% vinegar. To do this, dilute acetic acid with plain water. To get 200 ml of table vinegar, mix 25 ml of 70% vinegar and 180 ml of water.

Can vinegar damage your washing machine?

Before cleaning the household device with any chemical substance, it is vital to find out how safe it is. And whether it can be used for the washing machine. Thus, the pros and cons of using vinegar should be considered.
If you have not yet decided to clean the machine with vinegar, analyze its advantages. White vinegar has a lot of benefits compared to other cleaning agents:

  • Vinegar is an aggressive acid substance capable to corrode the formed alkaline compounds. As a result, acetic acid turns the scale that settles on the heating element into dust. And then it is washed away directly during the operation of the washing machine.
  • Vinegar is perfect for disinfection. So it can be used as a means of eliminating bacterial formations, mold, and possible fungal microorganisms in hard-to-reach areas of the washing machine.
  • It is an efficient cleanser at a very low price. A high-quality tool with minimal cost. And acetic acid is always available at home.
  • Reliable odor killer.

There are also a few downsides:

  • Sharp and persistent odor, which can be removed by ventilation and additional rinsing.
  • When diluting 70% vinegar essence to 9% washing vinegar, it is important to strictly adhere to the proportion to avoid damages.
  • There is a risk of damaging rubber or silicone parts. To avoid spoiling these parts, it is recommended that you follow the cleaning rules. Still, it is better to avoid using vinegar too often.

How much vinegar do I use to clean my washing machine?

If you are going to clean your washer with vinegar, be careful with the amount and concentration. Big amount of acetic acid may kill your washer. But if you know exactly how much vinegar to add, and observe the dosage, there will be no harm to the machine. Moreover, the vinegar ability to soften water may save you from the problem of scale formation inside the machine.
It is recommended to use not more than 200 ml of vinegar. Pour vinegar into the powder compartment or directly into the drum. You may use vinegar for your washer every few months.
Vinegar can be used together with the baking soda for a better result.

Can you clean a front load washer with vinegar?

When cleaning the washer, take into account the type of loading. Front-loading machines are more popular as they are more affordable.
The disadvantage of this type of loading is that you will not be able to stop the laundry process to add some items. This technique does not allow you to stop washing at a convenient time for you. Despite this, front-loading washers are quite popular with consumers. They fit neatly into furniture, they have more design. And such models are great for a spacious bathroom. How to clean these machines?
Vinegar can be used for cleaning front load washers as well. The vinegar solution is effective for the following machine parts:

  • Remove scale from the drum;
  • Clean the cuff of the drum;
  • Clean the door;
  • Clean the drain filter;
  • Rinse the powder tray.

It is very important to keep the door rubber seal clean and dry. Once a week take a cloth, soak it in the vinegar solution and clean the rubber seal properly. It will help get rid of mold, scale, and the leftovers of the washing powder. Besides, it is a good disinfectant method. When not in use, keep the machine door slightly open to prevent unpleasant odor.
The washing machine is a great assistant. But it is necessary to follow the care tips and suggestions to increase its durability. Among the most important are the following:

  • use quality detergents;
  • always clean the internal parts with a dry cloth after washing;
  • wipe all the rubber and silicone parts of the washing machine;
  • be sure to rinse the detergent trays;
  • try to avoid often wash at temperatures above 70 degrees;
  • as a preventative measure, clean the washer with vinegar or citric acid.

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