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How to Reset GE Dishwasher?

You should not constantly restart a dishwasher. The accumulation of a large number of errors in its memory can lead to complete failure or leakage during the work cycle. The second situation is much more dangerous, as hot water may cause considerable harm to the property and health of the user.

So, how to reset the dishwasher in case of a malfunction?

First of all, you need to interrupt a wash program. To do this, the dishwasher must be turned off. There are two simplest and most effective ways to do it.
Unplug the power cord for 25 minutes. This time is enough for the dishwasher control module to reboot and get rid of accumulated errors.
Press the on/off button for 20 seconds. This way you will get rid of accumulated software errors.

After these emergency measures, you need to determine the cause of failure.

If it was a simple issue, for example, the machine does not finish the program or the drain is clogged, you can eliminate the problem on your own.
But if you cannot define the reason for improper operation, you should immediately contact a service center. Only professionals can say what was the source of the problems and correctly sort it out.

Why is my GE dishwasher not starting?

If you struggle with turning on your General Electric dishwasher, there may be several reasons for it. Probably the dishwasher is not connected properly the outlet itself does not work? Ensure that the plug is connected to the network and make sure that there is current in the electrical outlet. And what to do if the network indicator is on, but the wash cycle does not start? The causes of this breakdown are very different:

The dishwasher may fail to start due to low pressure in the water supply network or a complete shutdown of the water. The water supply valve is probably closed, or the water supplying hose may be bent. You should also check the input filter, which could be clogged.
It can be the result of the control module breakage. It is an electronic unit that controls all the mechanisms of the dishwashing machine. In this case, you will have to either repair it or replace it completely.

Ensure that the dishwasher door is properly closed. If you fail to close the door tightly, then there are obvious problems with the lock. You may need to repair or replace the lock mechanism.
Do not try to repair the dishwasher yourself. A qualified specialist will determine the reason for the breakdown and eliminate it in a short time. The correct troubleshooting approach will prolong the service of the dishwasher.

How do you clear a GE dishwasher?

It is not difficult to keep the dishwasher clean. You will cope by yourself following these instructions:

  • Switch off the power.
  • Check the openings allowing water into the wash chamber:
    • If you see contamination that prevents the free flow of water, carefully pull it out. But do not push it in.
    • If the hole is small and it is not possible to remove the dirt, then take the wire and push the obstacle through it.
    • Clean the door sides. The door accumulates a lot of dirt, which subsequently gives off an unpleasant odor. Clean the door with a special cleanser and a cloth. You may also use a toothbrush.
    • Remove the baskets and wash them as well. Clean the filter and grid through which water flows into the drainage. The filter is usually easy to remove.
    • Use a mild acid solution to remove scum. The market offers many detergents for dishwashers.

How do you unlock the controls on a GE dishwasher?

The control lock on a dishwasher is designed to prevent accidental usage or access to the dishwasher by children or anyone else who should not use it. This feature also prevents interrupting of a washing cycle after it starts.

Lock Control can be activated in the following way:

  • Press the Lock button two times for three seconds.
  • You can do the Lock control activation before starting a washing program. In this case, the machine will not start an accidental cycle. Or you may turn on lock control during the wash cycle. It will allow the wash cycle to run to its end without the possibility to interrupt it occasionally.

To cancel the Control Lock function, you need to do the following:

  • Press the Lock button two times within three seconds.

All GE dishwashers come with a detailed manual. And the manufacture includes troubleshooting information for all the models. Following the instructions and suggestions, you will easily sort out minor issues. Though if you cannot determine the reason for machine malfunction, it is better to ask for qualified help from a service center.

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