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Image 15.0 treadmill review

Image 15.0 treadmill review

Treadmills are probably the oldest specimens of exercise equipment. While most treadmills are quite straightforward, they evolved over the years. Modern state-of-the-art treadmills are powerful, multi-functional machines with lots of options and features even for the most discerning customers.

Just like any equipment machine out there, treadmills have their downsides and advantages.

One of their biggest advantages is their versatility. They are suitable for literally everyone, from complete newbies to hardened athletes. Treadmills a great for both running and walking. And they are especially beneficial to those who recover from lower-body injuries.

When it comes to disadvantages, there’s the fact that treadmills don’t allow for low-impact training and put too much stress on joints. It’s worth noting that it’s not always true for some high-end contemporary machines that incorporate cushioning systems and deck belt softness adjustments. These features allow decreasing the impact to the lowest levels.

Another downside is their size and weight. Treadmills usually take quite a bit of floor space and are fairly heavy. But while considerable weight is necessary for the treadmill’s stability, many machines of this type are foldable.

And last but not least, it’s their price. Quality treadmills rarely cost less than $1000 and high-end models can cost up to $7000.

Image treadmills: general information

Image is yet another brand under the umbrella of ICON Health & Fitness Inc. Chances are you’ve heard a lot about such brands as Proform or Nordictrack but don’t know much about Image. The reason for this is that Image provides low-end, basic workout machines that are sometimes lacking in quality. Because of this, Image exercise equipment isn’t very popular among customers.

One of the good things that can be said about Image treadmills is their price. It’s possible to buy an Image treadmill for under $500. Some of the more advanced models are sold at prices under $2000.

That being said, it’s worth mentioning that Image brand has been discontinued and no new Image treadmills are available. This also means that if you buy an Image treadmill, you might not be able to receive the manufacturer’s customer support or buy any original replacement parts.



Image 15.0 treadmill looks and feels as exactly what it is, a very inexpensive piece of exercise equipment. It doesn’t offer a lot in terms of looks and it doesn’t provide a lot of features. But in case you really need a treadmill that costs no more than $500 that does its job, Image 15.0 just might be the right choice for you.

In order to reduce the price the manufacturer included cheaper parts and sacrificed certain options and features. It shows in the overall design and of course, it affects the performance. The belt is shorter than the one you can see on more advanced models, the console looks clunky with three very small LED screens and the general aesthetic design is far from thrilling.

All of its flaws notwithstanding, I can’t bring myself to say that this treadmill has no redeeming qualities or is useless as a workout machine. That would be far from the truth.

Image 15.0 treadmill will serve you well and smoothly enough if all you need is an occasional exercise without any high-intensity training.

The rame looks sturdy and stable enough for the low-intensity workouts. Besides, it’s definitely a great pick in case you are not ready to pay over $1000 for a treadmill.


While it doesn’t blow your mind with the multitude of functions, Image 15.0 treadmill can still pleasantly surprise you with some features it does have. First, it’s great to see it has a folding mode so you can get it out of your way easily whenever it’s not in use. Second, it offers a cushioning system to help lower the impact when you are jogging or walking. It’s not likely to work as effectively during running, so I wouldn’t recommend using this machine for that kind of exercise.

There is an in-built fan to cool yourself down during workouts.


As was mentioned above, the console features three small LED screens that display all the basic workout stats. On the one hand, it’s great to be able to see all the important statistics right in front of you at the same time. On the other hand, the screens are very small and have no backlighting so sometimes it might be a problem to see the information clearly without leaning closer.

Simple as it is, Image 15.0 treadmill can sill offer 4 pre-programmed workouts and iFit connection, which is a great bonus. The controls look somewhat outdated but they are easy to understand and navigate through, even on the go.

image 15.0R treadmillPros:

  • very inexpensive for a treadmill
  • simple, basic and easy to use
  • features cushioning system to lower the impact
  • good value for your money
  • features a cooling fan
  • features a folding mode


  • low-quality components
  • short tread belt
  • clunky console design
  • LED information screens are very small
  • lack of versatility

Best alternative

When you are tight on money and can’t afford expensive purchases no matter how useful they are, it’s great to see there are options that can give you good value for your money. Image 15.0 treadmill is just that: a low-end workout machine that does what it’s supposed to do, no more and no less. However, there is always a question of whether it’s worth it to spend money on a treadmill with cheap components. Won’t it end up being more expensive in the long run when those cheap parts start wearing down?

Luckily, there are always alternatives and I’d like to suggest one of them: NordicTrack C 590 Pro Treadmill. It’s worth noting that this treadmill might cost a little more than its Image counterpart. On the other hand, it’s still well under $1000 and gives you much better value for the money. Besides, unlike the Image 15.0 treadmill, this one is still on the market so both customer service and replacement parts are available from the manufacturer.


Here are a few factors that, in my opinion, make NordicTrack C 590 Pro Treadmill a better option than Image 15.0:

  • NordicTrack C 590 Pro comes from the same family of brands but it’s a far more popular and reputable brand favored by lots of customers.
  • NordicTrack C 590 Pro features a much more powerful motor (2.6 CHP against Image’s 1.3 CHP).
  • The NordicTrack treadmill has a lager tread belt that offers an adjustable cushioning system.
  • This treadmill offers 20 pre-programmed workouts while the Image machine has only 4.
  • It has a larger, more contemporary-looking console with one-touch buttons and a larger LED screen. The workout statistics are clearly visible at distance.
  • NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill is compatible with wireless heart rate monitors, has Pod compatible speakers, and a media holder.
  • This treadmill has a higher weight capacity of 300 lbs.

All of this makes the Nordictrack option a much better deal overall. While it might cost some $100 more, it offers a great deal more as well.

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