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Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical review

Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical review

Elliptical trainers have won the customers’ favor as soon as they entered the exercise equipment market in the 90s. No surprise there: few machines can offer the same challenging workout experience without putting any stress on your joints.

With an elliptical, you can go as hard as a professional athlete or take it slow and still enjoy the process immensely. Full-body workouts are rarely as enjoyable as those ellipticals can provide.

Over the years elliptical trainers evolved and became much more than just connected arms and pedals that imitate running or walking. Contemporary models are multi-functional, feature-packed machines that can sometimes the functions of an elliptical with those of other exercise machines. High-end professional-grade models can be quite expensive and cost $2000 and more but it’s quite possible to purchase an entry-level machine that’s much cheaper but still offers decent product quality.

Norditrack ellipticals: general information

Norditrack comes from the brand family that gave us Proform, ICON Health & Fitness. It’s the biggest fitness equipment supplier in the US at the moment that has been one of the leaders on the market for quite a while now. So it’s safe to suggest they know how to make quality workout machines and earn customer trust.

There is a wide range of Norditrack ellipticals that serve varied purposes and cater to various consumer needs. Most of them are entry-level mid-range machines good for personal residential us and more than capable of pleasantly surprising you with quality and performance.

What’s great about the contemporary Norditack ellipticals is that they offer lots of features and nice bells and whistles that make your workout experience more enjoyable while remaining in the budget-friendly category.

Overall look and design

Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical trainer is a front-drive machine that means your movements will feel more like stair climbing, with more effort applied. This also means that it’s smaller and more compact than rear-wheel models. Thanks to the transport wheels it should not be a problem to move it to whatever place in your house. However, it’s worth mentioning that the machine is quite heavy. This certainly makes it more stable and prevents wobbling but means that some caution is required when transporting it around.

It doesn’t look too flashy or fancy. The elliptical’s black and gray design shows it was meant to be more practical than pretty to look at. But the simplicity of design doesn’t keep it from being very comfortable and easy to use. Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical has adjustable oversized pedals, padded multi-grip handlebars on moving arms, a console placed at a comfortable angle, and sturdy stabilizers.

This elliptical comes pre-assembled for the most part but you’ll still need to complete the assembly by yourself. While it comes with a toolkit, make sure that you have a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench at hand as they are not included. Keep in mind that most likely, you won’t be able to assemble it on your own as the machine is very heavy. So employ some assistance before you have it delivered to your place.

There is also another important thing to consider: this elliptical’s serial number is placed on the bottom of the machine, so it’s near impossible to look it up after the elliptical is fully assembled. Make sure to check it out before starting the assembly.

Console & other features

Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical features a large console with a 6-inch LED screen and easy to use one-touch control buttons. It’s quite user-friendly as you only need to look at it to understand what each button is for. There are 32 pre-programmed workouts and 24 resistance levels which is quite a lot for tis mid-range entry-level machine. However, many customers note that the resistance range is not as wide as it might seem. Apparently, even lower resistance levels feel quite challenging while higher ones feel next to impossible.
The console can be connected to your tablet in order to use the iFit fitness service that provides a great range of workout programs and modes. The media shelf makes it easy to place your tablet over the console.

While many other brands in this price range don’t provide a telemetric heart rate tracking option, this elliptical has it available. What’s more, a chest strap with a heart rate sensor comes in the package. There are also contact heart rate tracker built into the grips.

Usually, the main issue with the front-wheel ellipticals is that they have a shorter stride length, which makes it more difficult to use them, especially for tall people. This machine offers a 20-inch max stride length that’s quite a decent length for this type of elliptical trainers. It’s also possible to adjust the incline to up to 20 degrees. This, combined with challenging resistance, makes this machine suitable for more experienced users who like to go all out.

Extra features

Listening to your favorite music while working out becomes possible thanks to the iPod and MP3 player-compatible sound system. There is also an in-built fan that intensifies as you go faster to provide a cool breeze, which is nice during intense exercising. A conveniently placed bottle holder is a nice addition as well.

product gallery imagePros:

  • affordable
  • considerable stride length
  • 32 preset workouts and 24 resistance levels
  • easy assembly
  • user-friendly controls
  • 6-inch backlit display
  • wireless chest strap heart monitor
  • comfortable low-impact training


  • narrow range of resistance
  • quite heavy and bulky
  • often makes a squeaking noise when used
  • serial number inconveniently placed on the bottom

Best alternative to Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical

While the overwhelming majority of customer reviews are favorable, Nordictrack Elite 10.7 elliptical trainer has its downsides. While these flaws might not seem as major to some people, others find them rather annoying.

An exercising machine is something you buy with an intent to use it for years, so it’s important to know you have a choice. If you think that this elliptical’s flaws outweigh its benefits, there is a great alternative I can suggest.

You can try Schwinn 470 Elliptical instead. Schwinn has earned quite a solid reputation during the time it’s been operating on the exercise equipment market. The machines the brand offers are certainly not inferior to those offered by Norditrack by any measures.

While it’s far from being a major advantage, Schwinn 470 Elliptical is surely a better-looking piece of exercise equipment. It’s also smaller and much more lightweight than the Norditrack counterpart.

This machine features 29 pre-programmed workouts and 25 resistance levels. Unlike in the case with the Norditrack elliptical, here the resistance levels can increase smoothly and literally on the go.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical is a very quiet machine too. Made of quality materials, it includes a sturdy durable frame and moving parts that make sure that you go smoothly and quietly even during the most intense training sessions.

Schwinn 470 isn’t perfect but looks and feels like a better deal overall. In my opinion, its combination of affordability and quality does make it a nice competition for the Norditrack machine.

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