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Proform ZT6A treadmill review

Treadmills have long been and still remain great for cardio workouts. Whether you use them for walking, jogging or running, they always deliver great results. Of course, this is especially true for quality machines and for committed users.
Except for rather rare cases when using a treadmill is against doctor’s recommendations, these machines are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Sometimes treadmills are criticized for being a potential source of joint injuries. However, modern machines incorporate features that allow decreasing the stress on joints in a significant way. Besides, it’s also a matter of following the rules of treadmill use. Learn about how to jog and run correctly, choose the right type of footwear and there will be no issues.

One of the most popular fitness equipment brands, Proform offers quite a wide range of treadmills and other exercise machines. There are solid high-end machines suitable for fitness pros and athletes, mid-range products good for both fitness enthusiasts and beginners, and low-end equipment with fewer features and sold at lower prices.

Proform ZT6A treadmill falls into the third category.

Proform ZT6A treadmill overview

Proform ZT6A is probably one of the cheapest treadmills from this popular brand. Interestingly enough, when this product was introduced to the customers, it had a $1000 price tag. Some time later the price was cut almost in half and after some time of marketing the treadmill as one of the most affordable products on its roster, the manufacturer and marketer company ICON discontinued it. This is something to consider before buying the Proform ZT6A treadmill because getting proper customer service might be difficult.
Taking into account the price of this machine, it’s easy to suggest that the cost was cut at the expense of the quality of components. But while this machine can’t boast the quality and durability akin to the high-end Proform treadmills, it’s still solid enough for the entry-level, consumer-grade piece of workout equipment. If you are an accomplished athlete who can’t live without a high-intensity workout on a daily basis, you will most likely find it lacking in more than one aspect. If you are an aspiring fitness enthusiast who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end machine, this just might be a good option for you.

It’s nice to see that this treadmill incorporates a patented ProShox system with two spring shock absorbers on each side placed below the deck. It’s not adjustable but is capable of lowering the impact nicely.
The treadmill is easily foldable thanks to the SpaceSaver design.
It’s also worth noting that Proform ZT6A treadmill is one of the few Proform machines that come without the iFit fitness e-platform.


Being an inexpensive entry-level machine, Proform ZT6A treadmill can still offer the signature efficiency and ergonomics if all Proform products. The first thing worth mentioning is a large backlit blue-tinted screen that makes it no problem to see all the readouts during workouts. The controls are easily accessible and user-friendly. It’s possible to adjust your workout settings without interrupting your training session. There is a cooling fan integrated into the console to keep you cool.
It’s iPod compatible so you can listen to music while jogging or walking but there is no Bluetooth connectivity and, as I said earlier, there’s no access to iFit service. This, however, may not be a dealbreaker for those who want a basic workout machine with no fancy bells and whistles.
18 pre-programmed workouts might not seem like much but still not a bad feature for such a basic machine. Each program will automatically change settings like speed and incline.


Proform ZT6A treadmill isn’t exactly feature-packed, which is understandable for a low-end workout machine like this. But it doesn’t mean it can’t provide some comfort and enjoyment with the features it does offer. Functions like in-built grip heart rate sensors, decent cushioning system, backlit information screen, in-built cooling fan, and others are still capable of enhancing your workout experience.


  • affordability
  • better value for money
  • efficient cushioning system
  • functional user-friendly console
  • foldable design
  • in-built cooling fan
  • audio output


  • 55-inch tread belt width might be too short for running
  • not the most powerful motor
  • not compatible with wireless heart rate sensors
  • iFit service not available
  • cheaper components

Proform ZT6A treadmill FAQ

1. How easy is this treadmill to fold and unfold? Does it require a lot of physical strength?
Proform ZT6A treadmill incorporates a folding system that makes it fairly easy to fold and unfold without any assistance. ll you have to do is just push a button and push the deck with your other hand to help it fold. The unfolding process is pretty much the same. It comes down easily and smoothly, so don’t worry about damaging your flooring.

2. I live in an apartment and don’t want to wake up my roommates when I’m working out early in the morning. Does this treadmill make much noise?
It’s unlikely that you wake anyone up while using the Proform ZT6A treadmill. It moves rather smoothly and quietly for a treadmill, which is surprising for an inexpensive machine like this.

3. Can I keep this treadmill in a roofed patio?
Technically, you can place it wherever you want it. However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend putting the treadmill anywhere outdoors. The problem is that dust and moisture can damage it and significantly shorten its lifespan.

Best alternative to Proform ZT6A treadmill

While Proform ZT6A treadmill is not the best quality treadmill among the cheaper models, it does its job and does it nicely. That is to say if you don’t make it do what it’s not designed to do. Proform ZT6A is one of those machines that are unlikely to serve for a long time if you use them for hours of high-intensity training every single day.
It’s more than understandable if you want a little more from your treadmill while sticking to a price tag under $1000. In this case, I would suggest another Proform treadmill, ProForm 2000.

Here is why I think this machine gives you more for your money:
1. It has a 3.5 CHP motor, which is, unlike ZT6A’s 2.6 CHP motor, quite powerful and capable of performing more challenging tasks.
2. It has speed adjustable up to 12 mph and incline up to 15%. This makes it suitable for more challenging high-intensity training.
3. This treadmill offers 50 pre-programmed workouts, which seems a lot compared to ZT6A’s 18.
4. The tread belt is 60 inches long and 22 inches wide. This means it’s quite suitable for running, not just walking and jogging.
5. ProForm 2000 does not only make using wireless heart rate monitoring available, but it also has the heart rate sensor chest strap included in the package.
6. The iFit service is available on this machine.
7. The console on this treadmill features a large 7-inch backlit screen that looks wonderful compared to the ZT6A’s small 5-inch display.

It’s also worth noting that ProForm 2000 treadmills are on sale now with a reduced price tag so it makes them even a better deal. Overall, it seems like a much better option than the Proform ZT6A model tha still won’t make you break the bank.

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